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Ethics & Malpractice

Authors and Authors responsibilities

  1. SIS Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health does not levy any article processing or publication charges on the author(s)
  2. All authors should have significantly contributed to the research.
  3. All authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.
  4. List of references should follow APA style
  5. Financial support, if any, should be duly acknowledged
  6. Author(s) are not allowed to publish same research in more than one journal.

Peer-review process

  1. All papers received will be submitted for review to independent expert reviewers in the field. The observation of reviewers/editors on manuscript will be acceptable to the authors.
  2. If reviewers have amy conflict of interest, they are urged to politely decline the review process.
  3. Reviewers should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited.
  4. Reviewed articles shall be treated confidentially.

Publication ethics

  1. Publishers and editors shall take reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers where research misconduct has occurred.
  2. In no case shall a journal or its editors encourage such misconduct, or knowingly allow such misconduct to take place.
  3. In the event that a journal’s publisher or editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct the publisher or editor shall deal with allegations appropriately.
  4. Publishers and editors are always be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.

Copyright and Access:

  1. The journal will hold copyright of all published papers.
  2. The primary mode of publication of the journal is print version. However, PDF versions of each issues are made available free of cost on the website of the journal.


  1. All journals published so far are available for download in PDF format from website of the journal.

Ownership and management

  1. SIS Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health is an official publication of Somatic Inkblot Society.

Publishing schedule

  1. The journal is published twice a year in January and July

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