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SIS JOURNAL OF PROJECTIVE PSYCHOLOGY AND MENTAL HEALTH is a Refereed Journal and published twice a year (January, July) by the SOMATIC INKBLOT SOCIETY and is devoted to the advancement of research in the areas of projective psychology, personality assessment, psychotherapy and mental health. The journal is broadly concerned with the development of inkblot tests and personality assessment in clinical, counseling, cross cultural, organizational and health psychology settings. It aims to reach clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers, medical professionals and professional managers interested in the understanding and modification of human behavior. The journal includes (a) research articles (b) review articles (c) case reports (d) news about conferences (e) book reviews, and (f) letters to the editor.

MANUSCRIPTS PREPARATION & SUBMISSION: Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the format of APA. The manuscript should be prepared only in MS Word. No other formats are acceptable. An MS Word Template for preparing manuscript can be downloaded from the SIS Website. The print version of the manuscript is not considered. The typewritten manuscript in MS Word should be submitted only through email to any one on following Email IDs.

  1. Bankey L. Dubey, Ph. D. Editor Emeritus, Email: bldubey@gmail.com
  2. Naveen Gupta, Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief, Email: dr_naveengupta@yahoo.com
  3. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D. Executive Editor, Email: jain.imhh@gmail.com

REVIEW AND EDITING: All submissions to the journal are Peer Reviewed independently before acceptance and publication in the journal. The Editorial Board of SIS Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health have full rights to accept/reject or require a re-submission of submitted manuscripts. Minor additions/ deletions/ changes can also be made in the manuscript at the level of Editors.

ETHICS POLICY: It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the submitted content is free of all errors. Plagiarism should be checked before submission to the journal and Ethical Clearance must be obtained from appropriate Ethical Clearance Committee. The authors shall remain accountable for any issue arising in this regard.

ARTICLE PROCESSING CHARGES: No article processing charges are levied on the authors.

COPYRIGHT OF PUBLICATIONS: All published content become the copyright of the Journal.

JOURNAL SUBSCRIPTION: The Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health is delivered to the members of the Somatic Inkblot Society as a membership privilege according to the nature of the membership and opted preference for Print Version or Soft Copy. We encourage the individuals and Institutions to become member of the Somatic Inkblot Society on the prescribed Membership Application Form available in issues of the Journal or download from SIS Website to receive a copy of the journal.


The intimation of online payment, cheque or cash payment should be intimated with proof of payment to the Editor-in-Chief on following address or email ID. Please request for mandatory acknowledgement of payments.

Dr. Naveen Gupta, Ph.D.,
Director, Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies,
Farah, Mathura-281122 U.P. (INDIA)
Email: dr_naveengupta@yahoo.com, Cell: 91-9627182913

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Any changes in address should be communicated for updating our records and seamless receipt of the Journal to Prof. B.L.Dubey Email: bldubey@gmail.com

SIS Website: http://www.somaticinkblots.com

Paper invitation

Professionals and research scholars are invited to submit their theoretical, review, empirical papers or case studies to SIS Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health. Submit your papers to B.L. Dubey E-mail:bldubey@gmail.com or Dr. Naveen Gupta: Email: dr_naveengupta@yahoo.com

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