Resource Development

He believes in responsible resource development, as the production and transport of minerals and oil drive the State’s economy. Responsible Resource Development also provides employment and training opportunities to rural residents. This must continue to be supported as it brings in revenue to the state while encouraging growth in local economies.

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The Alaska PFD belongs to the residents of the State, and should not be used to pay for the expenses of the State’s budget. Without reductions in expenditures, it is not a sustainable path. The budget must be balanced through a combination of careful reductions in expenses, and an increase in revenues through resource development and responsible fiscal planning.

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Rural Communities

Ely believes that self-sufficiency of rural communities can be achieved through resource development. Employment and training opportunities to rural residents made possible by these activities must be promoted. Lifeline services to rural residents must also be respected, important programs such as Power Cost Equalization cannot have instability introduced to them by the State. Larger cities received funding for infrastructure in the past, our rural communities chose instead to use those funds to fund a long term endowment which pays for PCE. Disruption of the PCE has the potential to drastically raise the cost of power produced in our rural areas.

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Public Safety

Ely wishes to promote legislation and policies that have a positive effect on Public Safety in Rural Alaska. By recognizing the issues faced with rural communities in policing their communities, more support must be given to the Boroughs, and to the State Troopers stationed in these areas. He volunteers with the local Search and Rescue group when needed, and volunteers his time by flying in searches when able.

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Education in Rural Alaska has always faced challenges, education must continue to be a top priority, funding should always be prioritized to classroom spending and teacher pay, in order to provide our children and future leaders with the tools they need to be successful in the workplace. The values of hard work and responsibility must be instilled, to give our children and young adults the greatest chance for success.

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House District 40