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2D is the Ultimate Business Toolkit!
Automate all your business processes.

Automate your business without breaking your bank.

Acquire, Market, Sell & Service with concierge support!
Do more with your website, utilize bulk Email and innovative business tech tools. Time keeping, service management, CRM, Ticketing.
Consolidate business data, business leads & customer contacts. Create Business Intelligence. Data Mining, Walk lists, Call Lists, Bulk Email, Direct Mail.

  • 2D for Business - Dollar Drive(CRM, Customer & Service Management, Inventory Management & Sales)
  • 2D for Leaders & Campaigns - Digital Democracy (Constituent Management, Fund raising, Advocacy,Website & Social, Direct Mail, Printing)
  • 2D for Mental Health Care - 2D Mental Health Service Management & SIT 30

We Provide Services To

Leaders & Government

Political Campaigns

Small Businesses

Large Enterprise

Health care

Non Profits & Advocacy Groups

Notable Features that make us great.

Social Media Ready:
People Oriented:
Outreach focused:
Powerful Business Intelligence & Reports:
Service Ready:
Efficient and Cost effective:
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